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Activating and Driving a Leadership Culture

A fast growing, high-tech company with a largely “grown from within” middle management population sought out KRG to design a development process that would build capabilities around a core set of leadership practices.

Working closely with the executive team and key stakeholders, KRG designed an ongoing process that included:

  • 3.5 day seminar that focused on building skills in self-awareness, interpersonal communication and influence, talent development, change management, and team leadership
  • 360-degree feedback to provide insight on leadership strengths and development needs and priorities
  • Individual coaching with KRG consultants to build action strategies that leverage strengths and address development areas
  • Opportunities to build peer coaching relationships across the organization
  • Follow-up feedback and ongoing development opportunities

To date, over 350 managers across business units and worldwide locations have participated in the program with outstanding results. The company now has a leadership team that can leverage a common set of frameworks and language to drive business goals and enhance organization performance. And, because of its superb reputation as the company’s “flagship” leadership development program, there continues to be an internal waiting list for registration.