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An Executive Coaching Triumph

"What got you here, may not keep you here." We've heard it so many times and yet for those managers making the transition into senior leadership roles, the cliché becomes all too real.

In this engagement for a U.S. health care company, KRG was brought in to work closely with a senior manager transitioning from Vice President of Product Marketing to Business Unit General Manager. The leader was aware that the requirements of the General Manager's role were different, but he needed help understanding how he could best leverage the talents he had honed in his product marketing role and what leadership practices required his attention.

By implementing our KRG 360-degree feedback process, the manager quickly gained insight into his strengths as a product visionary, results-oriented, decisive manager. And he learned how those competencies would benefit him in his new role. He also came to appreciate how his discomfort with delegation and his tendency to talk over people and become defensive during disagreement would limit his ability to build organizational alignment and drive the business.

Over the next four months this leader created a plan to delegate responsibility and decision authority to his team. He also identified a number of opportunities to use a more collaborative approach to problem solving and developed a self-management practice to keep his defensiveness in check when people challenged his ideas.

After six months, KRG interviewed the initial feedback respondents to determine how much progress this leader had made on his action plan. The feedback was impressive. In each category of development, all respondents had seen significant growth. The leadership team was solid and aligned, the division was meeting its financial goals, and this leader was well on his way to mastering the practices and behaviors necessary to succeed at this level of his organization.