Feedback is often the first step along the development path. 360 feedback is a way of confirming strengths, identifying development needs, understanding how behavior impacts climate and performance and builds the motivation to invest the time and energy required to make a growth plan succeed. It’s a reality check as well as a powerful springboard for change.

The KRG Leadership and Managerial Practices 360 Assessment, our proprietary assessment tool, solicits feedback on the 40 managerial and leadership practices essential to leading people and organizations in the 21st Century. Surveying up to 15 respondents per leader, it includes in-depth quantitative (ratings) as well as qualitative (narrative) assessments, both of which contribute to giving the leader the information necessary to distill and hone in on key themes and messages. Trying to self-correct without feedback is an effort worth admiring. However, when such an effort includes the impressions and perceptions of key work relationships, that effort becomes significantly more focused and can lead to substantial gains in leadership effectiveness.

Our 360 assessment is a confidential process that is conducted online. Each respondent’s collected data is reported back anonymously and presented to the leader via our KRG 360 Feedback Report. In conjunction to gathering 360 feedback data, KRG is a strong proponent of delivering 360 results with an organized coaching/mentoring process in place.  KRG provides a variety of custom coaching services to complement the use of its 360 instrument and can help your organization put its own internal coaching process in place.

The KRG Leadership and Managerial Practices 360 Assessment can be purchased as follows:

  1. As a stand-alone product for your own internal use
  1. As a stand-alone product in conjunction with KRG setting up an in-company coaching process and training your own staff
  1. As a package that includes the 360 Survey Process, 360 Feedback Report, and the KRG-facilitated Coaching Process
  1. As part of a KRG leadership, team, or organization development program


Contact us for samples of our 360 feedback reports, to view our 360 survey process, or for a complimentary consultation.