The KRG story began in 1986, when Bob Powell, Trish Bergstrom, and Wayne Fogle joined forces to co-found Knowledge Resources. All three had long careers in business and after working closely together at Spectra-Physics, they had established a proven track record designing and leading organization and leadership development initiatives. 

The threesome’s synergy was evident from the beginning. Bob (pictured top left) brought tremendous experience from his 20 years as a business leader in Marketing and Learning and Development roles. Trish contributed with a talent for program design and facilitation. Wayne, a seasoned photographer and videographer, shared his ability to inform, educate, and train using the visual medium.

Over the last 20+ years, KRG has built an outstanding reputation for providing world-class leadership development, team building, and change management solutions. Having worked in over 100 client systems representing a broad spectrum of industries—from small enterprises to large corporations—KRG’s years in the field serving the needs and boom of Silicon Valley have directly influenced KRG’s drive for concrete results that can be measured and maintained.

Today, Bob Powell serves as a trusted advisor with a select group of KRG clients and provides council to several non-profit organizations he maintains a deep commitment to support. Wayne Fogle continues to produce cutting-edge video for industry, government, and education sectors. And Trish Bergstrom, now an established industry leader, coach, and strategic facilitator, continues to bring the services of KRG to a wide variety of organizations worldwide.

From the beginning, KRG has known that company cultures based on the belief that “people are the most significant competitive advantage” win.  KRG is no exception. It has been our own experience that the right people in the right positions—from our early founding members to the wonderful collection of talented colleagues and staff we continue to have the delight to work with year after year—have contributed immeasurably to our success.