Why Work in Teams?  Because a high-functioning, cohesive team is able to generate results impossible for an individual to accomplish working alone.

Why Measure the Performance of your Teams?  High-performing, cohesive teams share a small but critical few attributes.  When these attributes are missing, the team’s performance is compromised and their organizations aren’t able to capitalize on the full benefits of teamwork.  Once the barriers to teamwork are surfaced and understood, the team is able to use these insights to focus their attention on the future.

The KRG Team Development Questionnaire (TDQ) is a unique survey instrument designed to measure how a team’s performance is relative to clarity of purpose, common goals, clear roles, leveraged talent, and overall approach. The results of the survey provide a baseline of understanding around the team’s current level of effectiveness. It opens up team dialog around the most important and critical development issues, sets the stage for establishing team development goals, and stimulates the team to take action.

The KRG TDQ process is designed for:


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