When employees at all levels of the organization share a common understanding of where the company is headed, what success looks like, who its competitors are and what they’re good at, and what exactly needs to be achieved to claim victory, the result is an undeniable sense of clarity, focus, and efficiency.

Whether the strategic planning is for a team, business unit, or company, its focus is always on organizational clarity. It’s both the big-picture work of setting long-term direction and the operational planning that translates a vision into desired outcomes.  

Setting the Vision, Absolutely. What specific business are you in? What’s your vision for your place in that market?  Who are your biggest competitors? How are you unique?  What do you need to do to win?

Articulating Values and Operating Principles, Essential. Which behavioral values are fundamental to your company culture?  What are your rules of engagement? What leadership practices will drive this culture’s success?

Establishing the Plan, Critical.  What organizational structure and processes support the vision? What kind of talent can you leverage from within?  How do you build critical mass and make strategy and execution everyone’s everyday job?  Who have you designated to do what and how do those objectives align to team, business unit, and company plans?

For KRG, Strategic Planning includes “the visioning” AND “the planning.” It’s an over-time methodology that frames your operational roadmap. It’s a roadmap that gives the team, business unit, or organization the opportunity to direct their collective energy toward the articulated vision, values, and business goals. 

Our approach facilitates a collaborative process to:

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