What separates great communicators from average communicators?  Research shows it is their ability to connect with people and gain commitment.  Great communicators are able to create rapport and they engage people comfortably in open dialog.  They creatively address issues and solve problems. They influence and generate enthusiasm for ideas and proposals, and, they gain and sustain commitment to take action and realize results.

Knowledge Resources Group offers a number of Interpersonal Communications services—from workshops to a series of programs to coaching—that provide the insights and tools to better build productive working relationships, handle conflict, and create more focused and effective teams.

Our Interpersonal Communications engagements incorporate some of the following core concepts:

KRG regularly incorporates a personality type indicator when facilitating communications training such as Social Styles, Myers-Briggs (MBTI), the Enneagram, or the DiSC system.  These valuable tools assist participants in identifying their own communications style and provide a framework and vocabulary to understand, appreciate, and benefit from the diversity found across organizations today.

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